Fuck This

Let’s go the route of torrents, maybe.

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11 Responses to Fuck This

  1. I’ll seed as much as possible, if that’s the way it’ll be. I was quite displeased to see that notice yesterday, and had hoped it was related to April Fools… but appears to be all too real.

  2. Mastersydneymon says:

    I recommend you to upload your files at KRDL.info

  3. I’m all for torrents. Not a big fan of DDL

  4. aisu says:

    I agree with Mastersydneymon, KRDL.info would be a nice alternative for those who use DDLs.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Mediafire and FileFrontier are also good, IMO.

    • ShinkenAnon says:

      Mediafire only allows for files of 200MB and FileFrontier 250MB. I’m not a fan of split files for DDL. Mediafire will still be used to host scripts though, and maybe anything 200MB or under.

  6. akismet-e233f2abf2959f7539733bdbb1bc18ed says:

    Hiya ShinkenAnon,

    I was just reading up some stuff on 4chan about your releases and the problems with DDL sites, wondering if you’d allow me to have them all on KRDL as well as torrents of course. I’m working with MegaAnon already, and Jeeg @ KITSubs. I am interested in having full alternatives to TVN’s releases as a way for people who hate TVN’s style to still be able to enjoy the shows!

    Pop me an email or just comment here and I’ll reply ASAP.

    Thanks dude 🙂

  7. Takeshi says:

    Jumbofiles(no waiting/captchas/parallel DLs) or iFile work decently.

    KRDL is still an option. As long as the group doesn’t mind them being hosted there, I don’t think they care. The more the merrier.

  8. iwan says:

    but why does everytime I DL from Jumbofiles always gets to install ilivid manager which is makes my comp hang/stuck while installing

    • Ignis says:

      You’re clicking on the wrong link, you don’t have to install anything.

      You gotta click exactly on the line above the filename.

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