Shinkenger Acts 17-32 torrent


Maybe I’ll start taking a look at 33+ now.

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Shinkenger Acts 1-16 torrent


Acts 1-16 reuploaded. Old rips, but 1-8 have updated scripts that changed Ippitsu Soujou to Imperial Report. Scripts found on release page.

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Shinkenger Acts 1 and 2 Director’s Cuts

Translators note: Mr. Lord means tono-sama

Torrent | Act 1 Script | Act 2 Script

Here’s a thing. It’s been a bit in the making, and I’ve been too lazy to finish it up, and then other shit happened to get in the way. Computers dying, hard drives crashing, etc. But now I have a working laptop and a working Aegisub that doesn’t crash if I sneeze, so I have this. Now, the thing to ay about these two episodes is that they are not scrubs, but instead brand new translations. HeatMetal from Over-Time was kind enough to give a fresh new TL for the two episodes along with the opening theme. The ED is also a new translation courtesy of Tehkou/KouAidou after giving her 5bux , you can check out her blog here. Hope you enjoy this, and sorry about, well, everything. DDL apocalypse, my laziness, maybe your debt for buying all the Shinkenger SHFs (or am I the only one that’s ordered them all so far?).

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Fuck This

Let’s go the route of torrents, maybe.

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Shinkenger Volume 4 uploaded

Episodes 13-16, same place as before.

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Shinkenger Vol 3 uploaded

That’d be episodes 9-12. Up on here

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Shinkenger Reuploads and then some

Yeah, I’ve been dead. And I probably will remain dead for a little while. The computer I was using to run Aegisub has died, so all I’m left with now is a Macbook. And Aegisub on OSX is a crash happy piece of crap. So I’ll be mostly silent for a little while while I work to save funds and afford a new PC. In the mean time, I have a consolation prize. A bit after MegaUpload went down, so did MultiUpload all together as well. I wanted to wait a month to see if it would unshit itself, but it hasn’t. Right now I’m working on reuploading the Shinkenger episodes, but this time they’ll just be raws that I’m making from the DVD9 ISOs. This way you can just download the scripts off media fire and watch it along side the raw. Just make sure the Raw and the .ass file both have the same file name and are in the same folder, and your player of choice should be able to load the external subs right off the bat. I’ve also already muxed in the fonts, so there shouldn’t be any funny business on that end. After I’ve finished reuploading Shinkenger, I’ll work on getting Magiranger back up.

The Shinkenger raws can be found over on here:

Right now I have up to episode 8 uploaded. If Fileserve isn’t your bag, I’m sorry, but it’s the best option I’ve found right now. You’ll have to rely on the kindness of strangers to reupload to other DDL sites in that case.

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