Shinkenger Acts 1 and 2 Director’s Cuts

Translators note: Mr. Lord means tono-sama

Torrent | Act 1 Script | Act 2 Script

Here’s a thing. It’s been a bit in the making, and I’ve been too lazy to finish it up, and then other shit happened to get in the way. Computers dying, hard drives crashing, etc. But now I have a working laptop and a working Aegisub that doesn’t crash if I sneeze, so I have this. Now, the thing to ay about these two episodes is that they are not scrubs, but instead brand new translations. HeatMetal from Over-Time was kind enough to give a fresh new TL for the two episodes along with the opening theme. The ED is also a new translation courtesy of Tehkou/KouAidou after giving her 5bux , you can check out her blog here. Hope you enjoy this, and sorry about, well, everything. DDL apocalypse, my laziness, maybe your debt for buying all the Shinkenger SHFs (or am I the only one that’s ordered them all so far?).

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One Response to Shinkenger Acts 1 and 2 Director’s Cuts

  1. kfrooster says:

    Thanks for this release!

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