ShinkenAnon is one person looking to make DVDrip softsubs for Samurai Sentai Shinkenger (with Magiranger thrown in). Right now, the plan is to use the .srts from Japasubs as the source for timing (while still fixing it up), and the TV-N translations as the English script. The TV-N scripts will be edited, however, to remove instances of honorifics and most leftover Japanese words and phrases (mostly so for attacks).  The main goal is to have all of the episodes of Samurai Sentai Shinkenger (and hopefully Magiranger) in DVD quality with optional subtitles that can be edited by anyone to suit their translation needs.

Special Thanks

TV-Nihon: For providing subtitles for Super Sentai series since Dekaranger and going on.

Japasubs: For providing softsub files, albeit in Portuguese. They’re wonderful to help with timing!

Toku Raw Revolution: For providing the .iso links for Shinkenger and DVDrips for Magiranger.

Over-Time: For becoming a consistent source for English tokusatsu soft subtitles since Kamen Rider W, and for doing Gokaiger! Also, putting the Calibri font in their Gokaiger muxes so I could rip it and use it in Shinkenger.

Super Hero Time!: For helping me out with some random re-translations on any quirky lines.

4 Responses to About

  1. Jonathan says:

    This is a really fantastic project you’ve undertaken. I’ve had the Magi raws for a while and wanted to resub the DVD versions, and Shinken has quickly become my favorite show so bonus. I like to watch on my Xbox, so I convert your subs to avi, but I really really like the approach you’ve taken on them.

    I also noticed that your first couple mkvs of Shinken have glitches in them that cause them to freeze up. I found an .iso that doesn’t seem to have this issue so if you’d like me to send these to you somehow, please shoot me an email.

    I look forward to the completion of your projects and hope you’ll do more series after.. 😀

    • ShinkenAnon says:

      Hmm… Would you mind being able to tell me which episodes have the freeze up problem? Is this before or after you converted them to avi? I can’t recall any playback problems I had when I was watching them to spot any typos in the subs.

      • Jonathan says:

        It was noticeable during playback, but became a fatal sync problem during conversion. Episodes 1,2,and 3 had it, as well as 19. In episode 1, it was from the point where Takeru ignites his sword during the opening to around the type where we first see Ryuu’s origami.

        However, I did a little more research last night and was able to fix the pre-converted .mkv using http://meteorite.sourceforge.net/ so it’s actually not a big deal anymore. I just dropped the mkv straight off the blog on there and that program fixed the sync issue. Not only was playback flawless, but I was able to convert with no problems.

        So I guess I kind of answered my own question. Maybe this info will be of use if anyone else have this problem. Sorry bout that. I can’t wait for the new releases. (And thanks for answering me.) 😀

  2. EcliptorCalrissian says:

    I’m glad you’re doing this. As a series that doesn’t throw in a lot of English, TVN’s version of it was nigh incomprehensible, making me wonder what the point of subbing something is at all if you’re going to leave so much in Japanese that it’s still hard to follow for anyone who is not fluent. An honorific or two I can ignore, but damn. (You should also see their subs of the post-G1 Japan-only Transformers sequels. It’s full to the brim with stuff like ‘those onore kisama yatsu-ra.’ When you manage to beat HK subs on a page about failtastic subbing, well, that’s an accomplishment for the ages.) Shinkenger is the series that needs it the most, though.

    I always figure, though, that if you’d learn a language and spend hours and hours and hours subbing these series and posting them online (however much that may cost) and never charge a dime for it, all just for the love of the spandex and the desire to share it… well, mega-hardcore fans can get mega-crazy, and you’ve gotta be mega-hardcore to do that, and… I accepted the crazy (like maybe thinking anybody so much of a nOoB as to not know what ‘densha giri’ means isn’t worthy of *fully* understanding a holy show from the divine Japan, and so deliberately leaving many easily-translating things untranslated. That’s just my best – and probably overly cynical – guess.) as the price you pay. I can’t hate them, because *so* many series would be completely unavailable to us if not for them. It represents a lot of work, time, and energy that most of us – me at the top of the list – aren’t gonna put in. But whenever there’s an alternative to TVN, I take it, because… I, like most, am not mega-hardcore enough to learn a whole language for the sake of a TV show, so I kinda need a full translation. So, much thanks to TV-N, and much thanks to you and others like you for finishing their work.

    (It’s funny, in a totally not-funny way, the ‘densha giri’ thing. For those who haven’t watched the second-most-awesome Kamen Rider series out there… in Den-O, Ryotaro solos as a Rider with a form that’ll actually do him some good, so he’s ready to apply his finisher, and they tell him it needs a name, so he thinks, and thinks, and comes up with… densha giri! And everyone is like ‘Lolwut? Densha giri?’ And even into the next episode, it’s ‘Why’d you ever name an attack densha giri, don’t you know how lame densha giri is, anything’d be better than densha giri’ and on and on and on. So it’s a *very* good thing everyone in the world is born knowing what densha giri means, otherwise the whole thing would totally fall flat… oh, wait, you mean everyone isn’t? Someone shoulda told TV-N that. We didn’t even get a translator’s note.)

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