MegaUpload Shut Down

So, it’s pretty obvious you’ve probably heard of this by now, but MegaUpload has just been taken down today. This puts a hamper on things. First of all, the DVD9 ISOs I was getting for Shinkenger were all hosted on MU. Granted, the ISOs have been reuploaded onto Filesonic by another source and are on ADC, but Filesonic is a pain to deal with as a free user and I’m not the best at being a seeder and am generally afraid of getting my account deleted from ADC. Will this make releases any slower? As if they weren’t slow enough already! HA! In all seriousness, I’m looking into getting the rest of the ISOs now while I can. The Magiranger DVDrips from TRR that were hosted on MU have all already been downloaded, so there’s no problem on that end.

The real kicker is that some of my uploads are most likely now dead. While all of the episodes were hosted using MultiUpload, a decent amount of the earlier episodes only had the MegaUpload links still working. Right now I can reupload these files, but it will probably take a while with my connection. If anyone out there has the episodes that are no longer hosted and would be willing to help reupload them, then that would be greatly appreciated and a time saver for myself and anyone else that would want them.

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1 Response to MegaUpload Shut Down

  1. kfrooster says:

    Which episodes would need to be reuploaded?

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