Magiranger The Movie – Bride of Infershia

Torrent | DDL | Script

Hey, guys, let’s try this new fangled torrent stuff out. Way 20th Century! Delay in this brought to you by:

  1. Getting a job.
  2. Feeling a bit burned out and wanting a break.
  3. Playing Smash Bros. Brawl.

I make no apologies, except now when I say sorry if any of you guys were wondering where the hell I was. I’ll try to seed the torrent go for a week or so myself, someone was kind enough to let me use their seedbox to help get it out too. Did this mainly because it’s a bit of a big file and some people may complain if it’s not split up in DDLs or whatever. I’ll get a DDL up when I decide to finish seeding myself, or someone else puts it up to Megaupload/Multiupload before I do.

DDL now up. Have fun, people that don’t want to torrent.

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2 Responses to Magiranger The Movie – Bride of Infershia

  1. Niko says:

    Hey, I just would like thank you about this project, Magiranger with high quality is great! I really like this Sentai series, I hope you can do it till the last episode!

  2. JustAFan says:

    Oh, sweet! Does this mean you’ll be releasing torrent batches of episodes too?
    Thanks in advance.

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