Magiranger Stage 21

Toei decided to use the BoA figures as a reference.

Stage 21 | Script

This episode was a bit of a bitch because of awkward wording, and the next episode is more or less the same from when I rewatched it. There were also a few things to note:

The Magirangers are sent to prehistoric times, and ask if they went back in time. Prof. Hikaru states that they didn’t, but are instead in a dimension created by magic called a “Madureyouna” world. Marudeyouna is a mix of two Japanese words that mean “similar/alike”. There was a bit of discussion on how to translate this so that it had a magic-like feel to the name (Simulation World was left out because it seems too sci-fi, for example). There was also a bit on how the name may be a bit of an in-joke because it’s actually just them visiting different Toei sets when they do these scenes, so if it could have a feel for film and movie terms in it too, it’d be great. Ultimately, I used “Replica Realm”. Keeps the intent intact and maybe “replica” will make you think of movie prop replicas.

Also, Travelion. His full name is “Mahou Tetsujin Travelion”/魔法鉄神トラベリオン. Normally “tetsujin” is 鉄人 and would mean “iron man”, like a robot, but Travelion is a 鉄神, which translated more as “Iron God”. I went with “Iron Titan” for that instead of God. I felt Titan leaves in the “god” feel for the name, but also may have a robot like feel to it because of titanium too. I was close to using “Gigantor“, but only about 4 people would have gotten the joke.

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2 Responses to Magiranger Stage 21

  1. swiftastic says:

    Man, I would hope that more than four other fellow sentai watchers would get a Gigantor shout out. I mean, I know that it’s a kids’ show and all, but still…

  2. Lylat Studios says:

    Damn, looks like the script is down. Do you think you could help me out?
    I’m digging the series! 😀 Thanks for your hard work too!

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