Shinkenger Act 28

Not as annoying as Mandoraboy

Act 28 | Script

One thing to be a bit clearer on, the lanterns in that pic say goyou/御用, which would be “order/business”. My dictionary gives me “arrest” as a second translation for it, but “Police” was used by reasoning from the TL in the last post. Second, Ryuunosuke notes that Daigoyou is modeled after an “okappiki” and can’t be a samurai (thus the “big mistake” pun for Daigoyou’s name). TVN left it as is, but I hate TL notes in subs, so I went with “feudal policeman”. Maybe I could have picked something better, but nothing came to mind. It seems like a bit of a complicated thing to try to inform about in the subs, so go click that link to learn more about them if you want.

Last to note is Daigoyou’s catchphrase of “Goyou de! Goyou de!” I noted in the last post I’d try to translate it by context, since it seems to be used in many situations, implying different meanings each time. Given the “goyou da” meaning “you’re under arrest”, sometimes I used “Freeze!” and the like, and then there’s the other “goyou” which comes down to “mistake” (My dictionary has it more fleshed out to be about “using the wrong word” which makes a lot of sense in the show’s context). So sometimes I used “You messed up!” or something to that effect. So far it’s all worked in context for this episode, I forget if he ever just uses it as a random filler exclamation when he talks, which may be a bit bothersome.

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One Response to Shinkenger Act 28

  1. kfrooster says:

    Thank you for subbing all these episodes of Shinkenger. It really seems like you’re doing your best in providing quality for interested viewers. I was just wondering if you were continuing with Shinkenger or have decided to move on to other things?

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