Shinkenger Act 27

Ladies love the coat.

Act 27 | Script

Sorry it took a while, some plans came up on the days I usually work on these. We’re up to the filler episodes for Shinkenger now. To note for this episode, Takeru gets his soul swapped into a Maneki Neko. TV-N had it literally as “beckoning cat”, but the Japasubs actually put it in which is how I found out about it. There was a bit of a discussion with how I should translate this as (kind of a long one for what I thought was a trivial thing), but I settled with “Lucky Cat” (which is a common alias according to the Wiki link) given the context of the item and to keep out complications and translators notes in the subs. But, there it is if you want to learn something today and possibly get stuck on Wikipedia for an hour or two.

The second thing to note is in the preview for Act 28. It’s the premiere for Daigoyou and the preview features his little catchphrase of “Goyou de! Goyou de!”. In the TV-N version, for the preview, it’s been translated as “Your order! Your order!”. However, in the rest of the series, it’s left as is. I decided to bug an actual translator for help on this and got this response:

[W]henever you proclaim “Goyou de!” which is short for “Goyou aratame de aru!” basically is the equivalent of “Freeze, police!”

Added to this is the puns going on with Daigoyou’s name. One possible for it would be “Big Business/Order” (大御用) or “Big Mistake” (大誤用). The business/order part would be to pun off Genta being a sushi seller/merchant, and the mistake part being that Daigoyou is more modeled after a policeman, while having a huge “Samurai” kanji on his chest when the two are very much opposites. Along with that, searching my one dictionary for 御用 gave me 御用だ/goyou da, with the translation as “You’re under arrest.” So, taking those into account, I decided (with some more help from a magical pun buttfairy) to translate it as “Freeze! Official business!” I could still consider something else, or perhaps have it change depending on scene context, but that’s what I’ve chosen for now. If you have better ideas, let me hear it.

That was a bit long winded for such a short piece of translation, but sometimes it’s fun to note these things.

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