Shinkenger Act 25

Is yours?

Act 25 | Script

Heck yeah, Romi Park cameo! And backstory for Dayuu to boot. Quick thing to note is that this rip is from the DVD9s, not DVD5s anymore. I also bumped up the crf from 21 to 19 and pretty much tried to do a better job than the older rips (they’ll always be cruddy, though). I’ll get to doing new rips from the DVD9s once I finish the series. Also added is a fancy CRC32 deal at the end of the file name. If you ever have a playback issue, make sure the CRCs are the same before complaining about it.

Also, I forgot to make this note in the movie release post, about Kusare Gedoushuu, Kusare means “rotten”, so Rotten Gedoushuu, Rotted Gedoushuu, Smelly Gedoushuu, whatever can work if you want a fuller translation. But that’s really not going to matter for a few more episodes.

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