Magiranger Stage 20

Bending bullets before LunaTrigger ever did.

Stage 20 | Script

I’d say some stuff about the TV-N version, but, maybe it’d be best if you check the two versions out side by side? About 5 mistranslated lines in TV-N’s version. Luckily, they have been fixed, including an instance with the MotW speaking in French that slipped by the first time. I left in one little TL note in the subs, I tried to make it unobtrusive, since it’s a double meaning for a name.

Also to note, I made one small typo that I forgot about and left in the mkv. Misspelled Travelion as “Travellion” in the episode preview. Episode was already uploaded by the time I saw the typo, too small of a thing to worry about to warrant another hour to upload. Certainly, having “Travellion Express” by mistake is a better trade-off than having “Platform X” like the TV-N subs have.

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  1. GokaiWhite says:

    Shinken movie chapters
    01 The Fateful War
    02 First Generation Secret Disk
    03 Ryunosuke and Kotoha’s Secret Plan
    04 The Words of First Generation
    05 To Protect the People
    06 Before the Battle
    07 Genta vs Juuzou
    08 On Stage
    09 Hyper ShinkenRed Appears
    10 Power that Crossed Time
    11 Triple Clap of Victory ~ Ending

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