I’m still not dead

I’m not dead, just that for the last week I had no access to my XP machine to use Aegisub with. Not to mention, apparently Magiranger Stage 20 had the monster using French, but TV-N missed those lines. I’d like to try to figure out what they missed for a slightly better version. Luckily, I was able to find a script transcript for the episode, but I can’t read Japanese worth a damn, so I’m going to try to seek out some help from the same channels I’ve used before. Otherwise, what’s kind of neat is that I’ve also gotten access to DVD9 isos of all the Shinkenger volumes and the Act 1 and 2 Director’s Cut, so I’ll be using those for (hopefully) better quality DVDrips. The file-sizes are also a bit bigger now, but I hope that’s not a deterrent. I’ll do better rips with the new isos for the first six volumes after I finish the series, but for now the older rips should suffice well enough. I’ll try to get onto Stage 20 either tomorrow night or the day after.

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One Response to I’m still not dead

  1. Hi, I can help you with the french parts

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