Magiranger Stage 19

I will murder the next musical number I see.

Stage 19 | Script

So here comes the newest arc and some new faces. Also, character trait for Smoky is that he likes to sneak in “nya” wordplay into his dialogue. Nya being how the Japanese think cats sound. I tried to work around using “nya” stuff and just add in a few feline phrases instead where fit. If a lot of people hate it, I’ll see if I can either try to tone it down, or think up a different solution.

Also of note would be Nai & Mea and Smoky’s insert songs this episode. I went with mainly the lyrics from the same site as the one I used for Stage 11’s music, but I did change it up a bit, yet again. Hopefully I didn’t screw anything up that way. I really hope I didn’t.

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