Magiranger Stage 17

Stage 17 | Script

Things are getting a bit serious at the end of this episode. One note to make, Wolzard has a change of pace and uses a different attack from his “Dark Magic Slash” or “Madou Giri”. This time, he calls is “Ankoku Madou Giri” which TV-N translated as “Dark Madou Slash”. Now, it’d look dumb as hell for the attack to be called “Dark Dark Magic Slash”, so I just went with “Darkest Magic Slash” since it’s a double-plus dark, or something. If there’s an even DARKER magic slash in the show, I will shoot myself in the foot.

Hope you like the upload.

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2 Responses to Magiranger Stage 17

  1. JoeGibken says:

    Thanks, thanks, thanks.
    I don’t knew of this TV-Nihon’s fails. Thanks for translate ^^
    And, and please, think’bout sub Fiveman, is a great series!

    • ShinkenAnon says:

      Sorry, no can do. I don’t know any Japanese at all. I’m just taking TV-N’s scripts and trying to clean them up to the best of my ability. Whenever I talk about a re-translation for a line, it’s from asking actual translators for help for a certain line I strongly felt was wrong. I try not to do it often though, because I don’t like to be a bother when they’re already working on translating their own projects themselves.

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