Shinkenger Act 24

Some joke about Seto Kaiba's coat.

Act 24 | Script

I only made that last post because I wanted to post that picture, in all honesty. I got an order in for the Gokai SHFs anyway.

Anyways, have Act 24. I’ll have to say, there was a major mistranslation I spotted in this episode, when Juuzo is explaining about himself and Uramasa to Takeru. TV-N had the line as something about “paying with mushrooms you find”, trying to pass it off as some proverb. Except, I wasn’t able to find any Japanese proverbs about mushrooms online. I was able to get a much better translation for the line about embers and the wind, more or less analogous to “dust in the wind”. Don’t say I don’t try to do more than clean out honorifics now. (Only I’ll say that)

TL Notes as well, because it’s not Shinkenger without them.

Daikai Shinken-Oh’s attack is “Niten Ichiryuu Midare Giri”. Niten Ichiryuu is some type of sword technique, using two swords, with it literally meaning “two heavens as one”. Wasn’t sure how to go with this, since it’d be a bit odd to translate a technique, but I decided that it’s not a very common thing to know, unless you’re really into old-school kendo stuff or something. So, for simplicity’s sake, I translated it as “Dual Sword Chaotic Slash”. Keeps the intention in, I hope.

Also, on “Squid Tenkuu Buster” and its attack, the attack is “Origami Daikai Hou” in Japanese, and I translated it as “Grand Origami Blast”. It’s probably more silly Japanese wordplay with the Daikai in the attack and in the name for the giant robo. That’s fine and dandy, but I’m not going to look into making it pun off like that in English.

With all that, enjoy the second half of Act 23 and the first appearance of the Shinkenger’s Super upgrade. It’s not as involved with a design change, unlike other series like Dekaranger or Magiranger, but it’s a pretty awesome coat.

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