Shinkenger Act 23

Takeru is even surprised how long it took me to do and upload this episode.

Act 23 | Script

Another 2-parter episode, and here’s the first half. Quick notes for the episode:

  • Genta refers to Juuzo as “Michelin” as a call back from when the two had first met. I thought I made a note about this when I uploaded that episode, but now I realize I didn’t. If you don’t know, Michelin Guides is a restaurant rating book with a three star system. Some of you may have known about it already, but I sure didn’t. (Though I did know about Zagats guides) Sorry I didn’t put that note in before, I could have sworn I did.
  • Mako makes a reference to the Obon/Bon Festival. It’s a summer thing in Japan, and she explains that during then, the festival happens because of more activity in the Sanzu River allowing the departed souls to come visit again. Best analogous festival I can think of that Americans would know of is Mexico’s Día de los Muertos.
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