Kamen Rider Decade Episode 25

This scene can now be recreated with SH Figuarts and some lighter fluid.

DCD 25 | Script

And so ends Decade’s foray into the world of Super Sentai. And that will end my dabbling into the world of Kamen Rider, for now. Slight TL note about this episode if you never watched Decade. At the end of the episode, Tsukasa calls Natsumi “Natsumikan”. It literally means “summer tangerine”, so I suppose it’s a nickname for her. I didn’t bother changing it because, eh. It’s a bit tough to do some kind of analogous translation for it, and it would ruin the little joke of her making the tangerine shaped cookies at the end of the episode. Also, this is intended to be an episode at the end of the series proper, so a TL note for it would have been made in a much, much earlier episode. (That isn’t a very good excuse, is it?)

Just take your stupid scrubs and let me get some sleep.

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