Kamen Rider Decade Episode 24

Onore Dikeido!

DCD 24 | Script

Oh boy, now I get to work on 2 more episodes to make the total to do an even 100 between Shinkenger and Magiranger. I was originally planning on just linking the New Toku Nation/Not TV-Nihon versions of these, but then the DVDrips were uploaded onto TRR, so I thought why the hell not. If you’re somehow not in the know, this is Kamen Rider Decade, the 10th anniversary series for the Heisei era of Kamen Rider shows. This marks the first on screen crossover between both a Super Sentai and a Kamen Rider series. This and the next Decade episode were also both written by the same writer as Shinkenger, so there shouldn’t be any quality drop in story. Funny enough, the extra riders to appear in this episode were from Ryuki and Den-O, the two previous Rider series she had worked on before. (Wonder why ;))

If you’re wondering why I did this, I guess I’m a bit of a completionist. And I kind of consider these to be Shinkenger episodes in their own right, just with some Rider extras.

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