Magiranger Stage 16

Dreck, C-

Stage 16 | Script

Sorry it took a bit longer to get this out than I thought. I was off having some fambly fun the last few days. (Translators note: Fambly means family, and fun means forced to do stuff with my mother and sisters) Magiranger is a series where I don’t really have to make much “TL Notes” for, the source is pretty much just Harry Potter books. Shinkenger is a bit more complicated, or maybe I just like researching into it more. Enjoy the release.

Also, DVDrips for Kamen Rider Decade 24 and 25 were uploaded to TRR while I was goofing off, so I suppose I’ll be able to do those episodes after all! Expect DCD 24 first, before Shinkenger Act 21.

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