Shinkenger Act 20

The format of this blog will one day become just posts of Genta reaction faces.

Act 20 | Script

Ebizou finally comes to life, and we see just what it can do. And with that, TRANSLATION NOTES AHOY!

  • First off, Daikai-Oh means “Great Sea King”, but I leave it unchanged because, proper name, blah blah bah I suck.
  • Futomaki Halos: Left in “futomaki” due to it being a type of rolled sushi. It ties into Genta’s characterization, and it feels odd to translate food names, sometimes.
  • Ebigatana Daimyo Oroshi is translated as “Lobster Sword Daimyo Fillet”. Left daimyo as it is because it has its own Wikipedia entry, and an entry in the edition of the New Oxford American Dictionary I have on my computer. So I’m left to believe it’s a proper noun in this case. The whole “daimyo” thing possibly relates to Daikai-Oh being the “Great Sea King”.
  • WORD PLAY FROM TOEI! There’s a bit lost in translation from the soundbites whenever Daikai-Oh changes form from East, West and South. With East, it declares “TOH! TOH! EAST!” The kanji for east can also be read as “toh”, so that’s the pun there, doubling as east and a battle cry/kiai (you’d recognize it even better if you watch the original Kamen Rider). With west, you get “ALRIGHT!(Ossha!) WEST!” Apparently the pronunciation for the kanji for west sounds like “sha” in Mandarin. Not entirely sure on this one, to be honest. Last, for south, the soundbite is “WHAT?!(Nanto?!) SOUTH!” Kanji for south can alternatively be read as “nan”. So, every soundbite for Daikai-Oh in this episode is a pun on how the kanji for the forms can be read differently. It’s all complicated trying to translate it if you try to include the a similar pun, so this it the best I can do.

And after that long winded post, I’m off. Enjoy the release.

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