Shinkenger Act 19

I will f****ing cut you.

Act 19 | Script

THANKS FOR WAITING! ACT 19! Sorry about not posting anything for 3 days, but I was feeling lazy, so take that. Episode focuses on Genta trying to prove himself as a samurai in Ryuunosuke’s eyes. Kind of a typical plot, but the interactions between Genta and Ryuunosuke are awesome throughout the series. And this is the precursor to it all!

TL note for the ending of the episode. If you’re either deaf or don’t listen all that much to the dialogue and just read along, you won’t realize the pun going on with Genta naming the Lobster Origami “Ebizou”. It’s explained from Ryuunosuke that the name is important in kabuki, and it is, and the name is a pun off “lobster” being “ebi” in Japanese. I left it untranslated because, unless you can name a famous kabuki actor with “lobster” in their name, I’m not going to try and localize that. It’ll still be “Lobster Origami” in all other instances, though, don’t worry.


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