Shinkenger Act 17

I hope to get many more reaction faces from Genta.

Act 17 | Script

Our first introduction to ShinkenGold! Also, look, that whole Tenkuu thing I was talking about in Magiranger 12’s post showed up again in this episode. Nothing to really note for this episode. If you’re wondering why I made “Ikkan Kenjou” into “Sushi Report” for this, refer to this post. TV-N did leave a TL Note that “Shoujou” in “Shoujou Valley” meant “Pure”, which makes sense in the context of the episode, but it didn’t seem like that much of a deal to me to leave in. Oh, also, TV-N’s translation for ShinkenGold’s attack was “100 Piece Drop”. Not sure how they got that translation, but the Wikipedia entry has it translated as “100 Fillets”, so I just added “Slice” in there since that’s still accurate, and it makes much more sense, considering he’s a Sushi Samurai.

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One Response to Shinkenger Act 17

  1. sha says:

    Thank you! You’re doing a great job with these, keep it up.

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