Magiranger Stage 12

Stage 12 | Script

Sorry if it took so long to get this one out. It was supposed to be up early this morning, but my upload speed went to complete shit last night and I didn’t try to do it again until late this afternoon. Hopefully this won’t be an issue in the future. Of note about this episode, MagiKing gains a new attack called “Tenkuu Mahou Giri”. The TV-N script has it as “Tenkuu Mahou Slash”, with the note of “tenkuu” meaning “heaven”. I translated it as “Magical Aerial Slash”, in the context that it’s their regular Magical Slash, just coming from high in the sky.

If you’re watching my Shinkenger releases as well, you’ll notice that I didn’t do this at all with the “Tenkuu Bamboo Slice”. My reasoning for that is because I left the naming for “DaiTenkuu” and “Tenkuu Shinken-Oh” intact, mainly because I viewed DaiTenkuu as a proper name, and it combining with Shinken-Oh would mean the two’s names would combine as well. Rest assured, I am aware there is probably some double meaning behind Tenkuu Shinken-Oh and such, but I went with a different context in mind. I left the Tenkuu intact in the attack name, because I viewed it as a special move only from Tenkuu Shinken-Oh. I guess it shows how virtually the same things can be translated differently because of how it’s taken into context. I’m sorry that I didn’t explain this when I originally uploaded Shinkenger Act 12, and I’m sorry if my reasoning for leaving Tenkuu intact in Shinkenger doesn’t placate you. Just remember, scripts for a reason.

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