Shinkenger Act 15

Eh, you guys can think of something for the caption this time.

Act 15 | Script

MOTW is a shapeshifter, pretends to be Chiaki, shenanigans ensue. Two notes from the TV-N release and this one. TV-N left in a term “shirahadori”, apparently meaning “catching a strike to the head with both hands.” Tried looking it up on Wikipedia and Google, not much for it other than a listing under a style of Karate to defend against sword attacks. I changed it to just “catching a sword”. Not completely content with it, but better than some term I have no idea would mean at first glance. The narrator at the end also uses a Japanese proverb, “When it rains, the ground hardens”. The meaning behind it is that adversity builds character. I just stuck that into the narrator’s speech, hoping it doesn’t make his line too long and ruin the reading speed. At least now the line can make some sense to an average viewer rather than just thinking the narrator is spouting off gibberish. Sorry if it’s a bad compromise, though.

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