Shinkenger Act 13

Kotoha's reign as Most Adorable continues.

Act 13 | Script

Not going to lie, this will probably be a very WTF episode for most first time viewers. If you can get past the “offsprings”, you’ll see the Shinken Girls get some nice screen time. Yasuko Kobayashi seems to have written the girls rather well in this series, like she did in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. Speaking of the live action Sailor Moon, if you watched it, you’ll recognize Mako’s turtle costume from there.

I guess a little TL note yet again (I think Shinkenger will probably need a whole dedicated page sooner or later), about the monster of the week’s “offspring”. He refers to them as “Shirooniko” and “Akaoniko”. I translated them as “White Devil Child” and “Red Devil Child” respectively, though “devil” could be replaced with “oni”, but I went with something a little more English. The term “oniko”/鬼子 can actually mean “child that doesn’t resemble its parents”. When you watch the episode, that wordplay will actually make sense.

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