Magiranger Stage 8

Apparently Houka took some advice from GaoBlue and GaoBlack.

Stage 08 | Script

Glorious Engrish, dancing monster, Magical Sisters Dance, this is one of my favorite episodes from the series. A little TL note, though. In the second half, when fighting the monster, Houka changes into a shop curtain, “noren”. She then attacks the monster and yells out “noren ude oshi!” TV-N left it as it is, translating it as “Noren arms push!” with a note that the phrase is an idiom that means “pushover/easy thing to do”. Obviously, the joke is Houka took the phrasing of the idiom too literally, and we all know Toei loves its wordplay puns. In order to not have to rely on a TL note in the video, I changed the dialogue to “It’s curtains for you!” It was a very lucky happenstance that I was able to pun off that scene. Hopefully, the intention between the two phrases is similar and the joke isn’t awkward with my choice of words.

There was also yet another phrase that was worded poorly in the original TV-N script that I was able to get help deciphering from the kind SHT! people. Thanks for all the help on that! Though I still have no idea why the hell Urara said “Cool blue”.

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