Magiranger Stage 6

The girls are what usually keep me attracted to a series.

Stage 06 | Script

Some serious business goes down this episode. Bit of a downer, I liked the uplifting Houka antics from the last episode more. When am I going to get more Houka? Or Urara? Or Ahim upskirts?

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3 Responses to Magiranger Stage 6

  1. swiftastic says:

    I just discovered your awesome work here, but now that I want to pick up from where I dropped TVN’s subs it seems that the bosses of the internet ate your download link for the raw. Is there anywhere else I might be able to grab the raw?

    • ShinkenAnon says:

      It’s not a raw, actually, it has the script muxed in. I provide the scripts for anyone to easily download if they either find typos that slipped past me, or if they feel they have a better translation and can easily edit it themselves. As for the download link, the Multiupload link seems to be working just fine for me. Here’s the Megaupload link directly just in case, but I’m not sure how you could be having trouble.

      • swiftastic says:

        I can tell you how I can be having trouble: being the moron that I am, I failed to SCROLL DOWN FURTHER, where lo and behold several other links to fully functional, working downloads of the episode are present. Sorry to trouble you and keep up the fantastic job.

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