Magiranger Stage 5

No I'm not...

Stage 05 | Script

Bit of a Houka heavy episode, and I won’t complain. There’s a few WTF scenes with Houka’s transformations, but that’s the charm of this series. Was a bit iffy on editing the script for this one, since Kai and the one girl continually refer to each other by their last names. I was thinking of switching to their first names, but eventually decided against it. If you have a problem with it, download the script and do some edits yourself in Notepad. With that said, as always, enjoy.

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2 Responses to Magiranger Stage 5

  1. Donald Dolack says:

    When trying to download this episode, it got interrupted twice. I downloaded it both times from Megaupload. The other sites I see when I open the link say the file is unavailable.

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