Divine! Adventurous! Courageous! It’s just MAGIC

They make a lovely family, don't they?

Stage 01

NOTE: Something got fucked up with the script in the mkv that changed apostrophes into some gibberish, and I didn’t realize it until the file was already uploaded. The script provided has it already fixed. Just remux and enjoy.


I decided to try my hand at Magiranger as well. This is probably one of my favorite Sentai series that I’ve seen, it probably helps that it was my first as well. Thing to note about this, the DVDrip RAW is not something I encoded myself, and all the eps average about 400MB each. I tried to make this smaller by taking the AC3 audio and converting it to 192kbps AAC like my Shinkenger eps, but it doesn’t make it that much smaller.  Oh well, just working with what’s available, certainly easier than doing my own encodes.  And let me say this, the encoding on the original Magiranger episode was terrible to work with in Aegisub to work on the timing. Had to pretty much redo all the timing for the opening and the popup text with the DVDrip.  If there’s any series from TV-N that deserves a DVD version, this is definitely one of them because of that.

Anyways, I think my plan is going to be to release at least the next 3 episodes from Magiranger, and then do another 4 from Shinkenger. This way I have some time to download more .isos and do DVDrips, since I only have the first 3 volumes so far.  It’s all subject to change, though.  If the later episodes from Magiranger prove to be more of a hassle to work with in Aegisub, I may put this on hold and just finish up Shinkenger instead. So, no promises.

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