What This Is

Just wanted to make a quick post off the start to explain what I’m doing.  A little while ago, I found out that there were .isos for the Samurai Sentai Shinkenger series off the Toku Raw Revolution forums, so I decided I would download and make DVDrips from them for myself, since, at the time, all there was available in terms of RAWs were some random SD and HD encodes from episodes 30 and up. After getting up to Vol 3 downloaded and encoded, I decided that it would be nice to have subtitles for my DVDrips.

Right now, what I’m doing is taking the Portuguese .srt softsubs from Japasubs to use for timing purposes, throwing them up into Aegisub, and then using TV-Nihon’s translations for these subs. I’ve also decided to share the scripts and DVDrips with the soft subs inserted into them for anyone that would want them.  I should let you all know, though, that the subs are not TV-N’s scripts, word for word. There are a very few alterations that I did to takenoko’s translation, mainly the removal of the honorifics and other suffixes such as “-tachi” as well as some slight editing when I feel like a line could have been worded better.  The other major change I have done is translate the attack names every time.  Even when I was watching the series as the subs were coming out, it was extremely hard for me to figure out just what attack any character would use, especially since it wasn’t like they used the same ones every week, so this works out better for me, and hopefully anyone else watching.

Now, I do not want to step on anyone’s toes, so this project is NOT meant to be a bash at the people from TV-N.  Simply, I know this is something the group would never do, so I chose to do it myself.  This is because the TVrips in SD and HD that they used to sub the series were perfectly fine to begin with, they weren’t as bad as, say, their Faiz or GARO TVrips they had to work with.  It’s also because TV-N is not a group that would do subs with DVD sources UNLESS they had official physical copies themselves to work off of.  The quality certainly does show when you see an HD TVrip from one of their series compared to a BDrip for a movie.  Using .isos that were compressed to fit DVD5s isn’t something TV-N would look into.

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